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Practising of Tai Chi Chuan helps focusing on the balance of yin / yang in the body. To work on emptiness and fullness is to tame its contrasted aspects for fun. For the euphoria of a well conducted gesture, the enthusiasm of discovery ... for a perpetual adjustment that activates the Qi (Chi - inner energy) made  spirit, good mood, dynamism. Summed in those few words is the happiness that this activity entails.



Trainings given by Ghislain LAURENT, student of Jean-Paul Allmang, Membre of the European College Collège of Yangjia Michuan Taïji Quan,  Tai Chi Chuan teacher since 1990.


Try out session The first session is free of charges and non biding.

Fees Yearly fee 200 €

Trainings As of 17 years old  

Mondays 10.00-11.30 and 18.30-20.00 

Wednesdays 10.00-11h30 

Tai Chi Chuan 

Tai Chi Chuan, Chinese martial art is the oldest practice of hand-to-hand defense (5000 to 3000 years before D-Day) : Taiji (supreme ridge) whose famous black and white logo represents Yin and Yang in perpetual motion. The exercices, following long-life Taoist techniques, are done at a very slow speed in order to combine the right breathing with the right movement. "Focus on the development of the energy to achieve the highest degree of flexibility" Laozi. The body moves, the joints are solicited without violence, the muscles are relaxed, verticality is  perpetually sought,and the mind is at peace. The practitioner must never go beyond what his body allows him. In Tai Chi, constrain is a mistake. The body is gently relaxed, the joints released, the tendons loosened. The muscles , acting like a pump, activate and naturally stimulate liquids (blood, lymph). This acts as a tonic and soothing regulator, without requiring physical effort and without causing tiredness. If you feel a little awkward and uncomfortable, this is a very good reason, and probably the main reason, to practice Taiji quan. You will gain dexterity and flexibility by a patient and attentive activity. 

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