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Kendo is a traditional japanse martial art, legacy of the japanese swordsmanship of the last centuries (Samurai times). It is the modern version of kenjutsu ( sword techniques ) practiced in Japan. Kendo training helps maintaining and increasing mental abilities : perception, decision making, action and judgment speed, but also general physical abilities. Because of its high intensity, Kendo builds stamina, strengthens breathing and general fitness, and improves dexterity and coordination. From a pedagogical point of view, its technical program is tailored for all, regardless of age and ability.

Weekly Trainings given by Jacques Muller Sensei - 7e DAN 


Equipment Shodokan Dojo will provide beginners with the equipment needed, just come with comfortable sports clothes. 

Try out session The first session is free of charges and non biding.


Licence  38€

Yearly fee

Kendo adults (as of  17 years old) : 200€

Kendo seniors (as of  65 years old) : 200€

Kendo teenagers ( 7 - 16 years old ): 120€

Kendo kids ( 3 - 6 years old): 90€ 


As of 17 years old  

Mondays 20.00-21.30 

Thursdays 20.00-21.30 


3-6 years old 

Wednesdays 17.15-18.00 


As of  65 years old

Mondays 17.00-18.30 

Tuesdays 17.00-18.30 

Thursdays 17.00- 18.30


3-6 years old 

Wednesdays 17.15-18.00 


7-16 years old 

Wednesdays 18.30-19.30

Saturdays 10.30- 11.30


Kendo Adultes 

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