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Born in China thousands of years ago, practiced in Japan for 1200 years, the game of Go is played with black and white stones on a board called goban, grid of 19 horizontal lines on 19 verticals.

The goal of the game is to build territories.

Basic rules are learned in minutes, which allows beginners to quickly play interesting games.

Highly prized by the samurai for its tactical and strategic aspect, the game was also very popular amongst monks and renowned wise men. Very popular in Japan, China and Korea, it was further exported to the West in the late twentieth century. For several years now, the French federation of Go is very active through clubs, competitions, training courses and a generation of promising young players.


Wednesdays 20.00-22.00 


Activity animated by Teddy 

Yearly fee
Adults (as of 18 years old) 80
Kids (as of 7 years old) 60


Those who explore further the subtleties of the game will find that under its apparent simplicity Go is extremely rich and complex, like chess for example. At the time of its creation, Go was practiced by a social elite and was considered a real art at the court of the emperor,like painting, poetry or music.


Go can be played as of 7 years old with : 

- an introduction to the game of go

- the possibility to progress to an honorable level through pedagogical parts and exercises

- the opportunity for confirmed players to find a venue and partners to play.


Affiliated to the French Go Federation, the club entails a license from the Federation, thus giving the possibility to participate in official competitions and national courses. Since several years, the club also organizes  in secondary schools of Olonne and its surroundings weekly extracurricular activities around Go.


Confirmed non-local Go players who would like to come occasionally to the club sessions as visitors can do so for free,  in exchange for a pedagogical game with a player of a level more modest than theirs. 

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